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19 August, 2009

Journey with the Stupid Fellow

The term we call life is a unidirectional journey into the flux of space-time. Few years back, we were somewhere, now we are in different situations. Strictly speaking it is not matter of years or days, we are continuously being shifted in new coordinate with each moment. There is a famous Zen proverb A river can not be crossed twice. On contrary and still fascinating, The same person can not cross the river again.

Who are the Companions?

It is impossible and meaningless in a journey alone. It is designed with two companion; the body and mind. Body is the platform where the journey is realized and the mind sets the direction. In this sense the body is the vehicle and the mind is the driver. Now think what happen if these fellows turnout out to be unhelpful and malfunctioning.


Body is an obedient fellow and functions well until its parts are ok and unless it is in urgency. A blind person can not command his eyes to see, and a runner can not control his heart-bit while running. If we can forgive these exceptions, body is always available us as a dutiful by-stander. However, the case with mind is different; It is a ruthless master and a wonderful servant. Unfortunately 99.9% of time, it is at the role of master. If you listen the voice inside your head, it is simply a chatterbox, engaging all the time on the same stuff again and again. You don’t know its course in the next moments. If you are in family vacation, you  think about the job left undone,  remember the chat  with your friends in the last night and so on except that you are there in family vacation and enjoying it fully. When you are in job, the mind is thinking about the vacation.


Only few days back, I was in a park and found a man there walking and talking with himself loud. He was completely oblivious to the present situation and was somewhere in the imaginative world. What has happened to him! certainly a morning walk is not  for such unconsciousness. It is to feel the fresh air touching the body, hearing the music of chirping bird around. Now i am fooled by my own mind and it engages in thinking him, a silent monologue. Certainly my morning walk was, also, not to be lost in thinking about the person. If we close the eye and try to concentrate on a thing only for 10 seconds, then we know what sort chattering is going on there.

Mind seldom learn from the past

Another nature of mind is that it is illogical, sort-sighted and stupid fellow. In the morning, It promise to do something, to be someone different and more meaningful. In afternoon it messed with the same silly things, repeats same mistakes, and in the evening it wrapped up with same regrets for being not able to live the day perfectly. It suggests to do something at first, only after few moments it is enticed with something completely different what it has suggested earlier. This becomes the story of every day (for everybody). Until moments back, the person X was the good friend, you have full trust on him. After few moments later, with no apparent reason, he becomes too suspicious and untruthful. If we replace our mind with an behavioral advisor, we would have fired him within a single day. If it were our spouse, we would have divorced soon. Alas!  this adamant fellow clings to us refusing the common mean of getting rid of . On contrary, more we desire to get rid of, more possessed we become.

Taming the mind

Fortunately our predecessor had seriously contemplated over this issue and discovered gyan-yoga to come out from the vicious circle. Yoga is more than the body health as is advertised in today’s main-stream media. It certainly does keep the physically fit, but importantly, quiets the chattering mind. To quiet the mind meant to withdraw the energy that we have been continuously feeding it. This is possible by silently listening the voice inside the chatterbox. Once we get used to observe it, it creates subject-object relationship between the thinker and the thoughts. In that process, we can catch the glimpses of the consciousness which exists even if there is no thoughts. Let us find our time to experiment this game.

We are not our mind, it is our companion!

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