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28 February, 2009

Understanding the EGO; Right Remembrance

EGO is perhaps the most commonly used term in psychology and spirituality, and is rarely understood (at least for me). The reason is- either it is too difficult and messy term, or our difficult and messy approach to know too simple term, I do not know. When i ponder about it, many time i bungle with it. Let us come closer to this term

First, see what dictionary says about ego:

  1. The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.
  2. In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality. (

The limitation with these definitions is - they hardly point beyond EGO. They know what ego is, but do not imply how to transcend it. Everything get mixed and grabbed by ego itself. Therefore psychologists often need their personal psychologist to understand their respective egos.

Try the existential definition:

It is association of I (rather than the 'I' itself) with FORMs (I like the term used by Eckhart Tolle); the body-mind-emotion composition which Buddha says the impermanence nature, i.e, ego is the identification of I with the bundle of thoughts leading to sense of separation of ME from OTHERS. This bundle makes cloud covering the bright sun of who I am.

Feeling of superiority is EGO: It is most commonly understood form. If someone feels himself special or superior in contrast to other, it is ego. However, a very shy person having sense of inferiority or humbleness is also 'egotist'. In either case, there is false identification of I.

Body Attachment is ego: A beauty queen who is proud of her body is egotist and same is the ugly person who condemn himself.

Carried away by thought- is ego: Any events and the associated emotions which carry us away with incessant thought, means we are captured by ego.

Greediness is ego: A greedy person who contract himself from other by not leaking anything, even to needy one, is an egotist person. However, a kind and generous behavior out-coming from 'morality and ethics', rather than spontaneity, is also not untouched with ego.

.Wanting attention is ego: We bloggers often get captured with ego by identifying us with our post. The symptoms are: feeling possessiveness of them, 'wanting' the attention and comments from others, comparing our success in terms of number of pages we posted and visitor it attracts, and finally our writings are guided by these factors. Getting attention and love from many people is always good, but what guides us- value or the desire of drawing attention?

Why EGO is the root of suffering?

It is attached with forms which are impermanence in nature. As soon as the medium it attached-with vanishes, it is obliged to search new one. This process is on and on and destined to be the chaos. So the ego is never at rest as it always in threat of being loss. It never carries peace. Ego and happiness/peace are mutually exclusive terms.

What can we do?

The above stuff does not imply that we should not take care of body, money, thoughts or whatever we are possessing. Let us go for them according to our need. Whenever they are with us enjoy them with knowing their true weight. But problem arises expecting apple from the orange tree. We guide the FORMs or they guide us?


Fighting with ego and trying to getting rid of it, is also another ego. It does not work.The binding 'ethics, morality and principle' may be helpful in keeping law & order and 'social improvement', but one should go beyond this subtle ego to know the I . The opposite of EGO is, not humbleness, but to be present here and now, i.e. the watchful state. Or more easier way is- to get attached with FORMLESS being or with awareness itself, or the background where these phenomena are occurring. In spirituality, there are two ways to know the truth (I am). One is be watchful with the impermanence nature of FORM and experience the ANATTA (essence of Buddha's teaching and now a days Goenka and Adyashanti teaches the path). If all the FORMs get shattered down what remains is the pure consciousness. It is the way of meditation. The another is- to be attached with the FORMLESS being within and surrender to it. Gradually, the FORMLESS essence comes forward dissolving the FORM. It is the way of devotion(the essence of Nanak and Kabir). Osho has wonderfully guided the seekers by both ways.


I feel easy to be attached with the AWARENESS itself, but many time the FORM steals me away. A funny game of hide and seek...


What are your observation? In which way you fit?

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22 February, 2009

Road Map for Spiritual Journey

The existence has propelled the human being at the peak of unconscious evolution providing the unique capacity to be aware of awareness. From here the journey within possible. In context of evolution of consciousness, human being is on the mid-way where he can understand the purpose of evolution and accelerate it if he desire so. This evolution- call it conscious revolution - that human follows is of mind/understanding, and not restricted by time and space factor, rather by the determination. However, unlike in the outer journey where the path and goal are well formulated, inner journey has vague roadmap. The way is discovered during the journey itself and the ‘goal’ changes very often.

Consciousness is desperately seeking to reach its ultimate point – to experience its true quality – the state of Nirvana. Many people mention different ways. Each seeker has to invent his own way. Though the path is unique, the stumbling points/signposts can be underlined. The esoteric aspects mentioned in the followings paragraphs are disclosed by the beloved Masters Osho Siddhartha (leading master of Oshodhara) and Osho himself.

(1) The Base Point-Human collective consciousness:

It is where most of the population is living. People are running outside to collect more (money, power, knowledge, attention..) for their meaningful living. This is state of chaos moving in a close circle. Generation after generation similar pattern continues.

(2) In Search of scripture-

People, some stage, recognize that it is impossible to fulfill the desire being chased: we can not acquire all the money, health, power that is desired. If ever acquired, it proved to be a fleeting experience. Others are always ahead. It seems that there is limitation in everything. Alarmingly the queue to deathbed is becoming shorter. What to do? Go to church/temple to find bless. Read scripture for getting better understanding on living. Here the many journeys set back. They become ‘religious’ and stick with particular ideology not creating tolerance among other. The collective ego often leads to war.


(3) Looking unto oneself

People aware that the GOD is neither in ‘temple’ nor in ‘bible’; they are actually the ashes of fire once burnt. It seem that they are pointing to read own ‘bible’, to discover godliness within. At this stage people may arrive for different purposes (Deepak Chopra says, he came across meditation in the way to get rid of smoking. S.N. Goenka admits he stumbled with Vipassana on the way to curing his chronic disease). Then, the seeker discovers many thing within: bubbles of thoughts appearing and disappearing ceaselessly with no reason apparently, the link between the events and the habit pattern of reacting them and much more.. Most importantly s/he become aware of power of mind. From here two distinct branches are observed. First is the the path of concentration leading to to achieve awesome art- psychic power, siddhis, mind power, hypnotism, occult art etc. This path if not followed with alert, may strengthen the ego. Hence many masters often discourage in pursuing these art. They are merely side-stuff in the journey. Here is on incident as shared by Osho Siddhartha.

…There was a great sage named Janaki baba. He loved me probably more than any father could love his child. Practically every month he visited me and my family. He had a yakshini Siddhi. He could get anything just by getting his hands in the air. Whenever I asked him for sweets or dry fruits, instantly he used to provide. As a child, I asked him many times to teach me this great art, so that I can influence my friends. But every time he refused to do so by telling me that I have been sent to this earth for a much bigger role and asked me not to indulge in these trifles…

And, th next is the start of journey of meditation, the way to unfocused awareness.

(4) Meeting with Living Master

When a seeker close his eye and tries to meditate many thing hinder him. Happiness/peace is said to be within, but where is it! There is just darkness with unceasing bubbles of thoughts and emotions. He find impossible to win mind. It becomes the analogy of treating oneself by reading medical journal rather than consulting with doctor. The prolonging thirst finally lead to the Living master, the doctor. Without living master, it is almost ‘impossible’ to find the the essence. The rare masters who found, also repeatedly advise to seek the one. Because with his presence, faith emerges, confidence grows and two-way communication is possible. He understands the seeker from core. Master introduces with the godliness within. The Devine love affair starts.

(5) Self realization:

When a seeker is introduced with GODLINESS within from the master and follows dedicately the shown path (selected path fit to oneself), sooner or later the total surrender or the experience of dissolving ego happens. It is termed as enlightenment, satory, pramhamsa etc.

Kabir says- Bund samaya samud me (drop disappeared to ocean).

Osho says- Oceanic experience.

Nanak says- Ek Omkar satnam (Truth is Omkar)

Jesus say - Kingdom of my father

From this stage, the seeker live in the remembrance GODLINESS. The seeker is showered by the unconditional peace. From the state self realization, a person if want rebirth, can select his/her parents and womb.

6) Cosmic Experience or Brahma Gyan:

The journey from self realization is very esoteric. One can realize there is no separation with others. Neither there is supreme GOD who is governing the universe. Everything happens in own choice. Osho mentions these phenomena in his discourse in BEYOND ENLIGHTENMENT. Even after this state, the rebirth is possible (which generally happens out of great compassion). Consciousness can stay here as long as desired and great Avatars generally descend from this dimension. At this plane, seeker may contact the 'esoteric groups' from centuries-back helping others.

7) Nirvana:

This is the ultimate state. From here no rebirth is possible. Osho says it: THIS, THIS and THOUSAND TIMES THIS. Nothing can be said.

Hehe little off-track stuffs, isnot it?

13 February, 2009

Rekindling the Divine Love: Letter from The Master

On the Eve of Valentine day, I am very pleased to post a letter, representing the divine romance; the romance between the Guru and seeker. Following is the letter written by Osho to his close friend and a seeker (implicitly the receiver seems to be Haribansh R. Bachchan). Bachchan was a gifted poet full of 'sufi' quality. When he finished writing, his all time famous poem Madhushala (meaning- the place where the divine wine are drunk), he ran all the way from his home to Osho to show his poem. He offered, "Dear one, I wrote a poem, please have a look."

Osho looked the contents of the book, tear filled in his eye. He gazed back to Bachchan and replied.

" O! dear I am happy, it is certainly the master piece. But my tear came for different reason. How perfect it would have been, if the word had came 'the poem was written' instead of ' I wrote the poem' ".

Then Bachchan awestruck back. How lovingly a master guides the seeker to the direction of growth!

The following poem is, however, of different context indicating how master also longs for the true seeker. There is fire on both side. Here goes the poem.

photo courtesy


Can two persons ever meet?
It is just not possible on this earth,
communication seems impossible
-- but at times the impossible happens.

The other day it did. Being with you,
I felt meeting IS possible,
and also communication,
and without words, too.
Your tears answered me.
I am deeply grateful for those tears.
Such response is very rare.

I have seen your Madhushala,
seen it again and again.
If I could sing
I would sing the same song that is there.
I call that sannyas the real sannyas
which accepts the world with joy.

Aren't samsara and moksha really one?
Duality exists in ignorance,
in knowledge there is only one.
Oh, can that really be religion
which cannot sing and dance
the songs of bliss and love?

I hear you are due to come here.
Come, and come soon.
Who can trust time --
Look -- it is morning and the sun rises;
how long will it be before it sets?
.........From a cup of Tea.........

08 February, 2009

Six Reasons - Why human is NOT evolved being

Human race is supposed to be highly evolved one; very intelligent, secure and exercising greater freedom. Aham! However I doubt. It seems that though human arrive at the crest of unconscious evolution propelled by the nature ( I do not know but the smart guy, Darwin says ), we are at the trough of the conscious revolution. How to measure the quality of human? There is one proverb in Japanese- hana ga iro-hito ga kokoro (Flower is tested by color and human by heart). Centuries passed, our head has expanded to bigger one but heart? The sense of greed, hatred, revenge are becoming less or same with the advance of time?

The behavioral pattern of human has remained always same. Think what drives our actions; intelligence, judgment or heart? Wait, there is more primitive trait hidden within. Our behavior in great extent is driven by the primitive motives; the sense of pleasure or craving of pleasant sensations (which has nothing to do with intelligence or judgment) and we build up habit according to it. Do not you believe? See some points which we are living with collective acceptance.
  • We smoke tobacco to ENJOY.
Health? I will see later, pleasure is first. Even the doctor's serious warning can not divorce it with us. The advising doctor takes a smoking break. Our government encourage to install tobacco factory as it provide large amount of tax.
  • We drink till we loose our awareness.
The staggering person advices to novice one the benefit of controlled amount of drink. The person who does not drink is supposed to be unknown how to enjoy life.
  • We kill animal for our celebration and party rather than our urgent need.
We have varities of meat in our party. What about our cosmetics? Our hobby is fishing and hunting, funny. In some traditions, hunting is supposed to be civilized activities belonging to elite class people.
  • We do not steal because there is fear of getting caught, not because it will hurt someone.

If you ever had temptation to steal or possess someone else's, what would resist you? Fear of getting caught which ultimately is matter of prestige ? or the sense of damage and sympathy of hurt that will cause? If there is total safe, then.....why our government officer/leaders/judges are corrupting? Many people ponder why every leader becomes the victim of corruption. The person struggle years against corruption become corrupting when s/she aquire the post, why? Because s/he didnot steal due to fear. Their post gives the leverage of not getting caught.

  • We sleep extra hours even if it makes us lazier and less fit. In the end we always found the extra slept hours regretting.
  • We suppose ourselves mindful person, but do we know the mind exist?
We clean our body daily. Protect it from dirt carefully. Do we know how mind get polluted? We feed junk and unhealthy thoughts to our mind ceaselessly from media, newspaper, Internet and what not! We release these junks in our expression, writings and chat. Do we know how to clean and service the mind?
Funny isnot it? what do you think?
smile_eyeroll Put in the list if any..

04 February, 2009

Destiny or Freewill?

One of my fellow blogger has put one interesting topic on freewill and destiny in his blog. Regarding to the 'free will' and 'destiny', there are different schools of thought (i) Almost everything is predestined, very little is in our control, (ii) some part is predestined but in great extent, there is freewill (iii) everything is freewill. The freewill and the destiny are the relative realities at different reference plane. Human lives in three planes; body, mind and existential. At the body level, the degree of consciousness is very low and so is the freewill. If we seek the motives of bodily actions, we will grasp mind and imagination plane, where the degree of freedom is high, but not total freedom. If we go deeper beyond the mind, conscious/subconscious where the bubbles of thoughts rise and sink, there is existential level or the level of being. At that level, I believe, the total freedom be witnessed. In existential plane, what we call destiny is also found to be our collective choice as there is oneness. In lower levels, these are understood as destiny, as we feel ourselves as separate entity hence cannot be able to link the choice we collectively made.
Most of the psychologists, behaviorists and psychoanalysts project the deepest human level unto subconscious level. Beyond that, the observation is not possible; the observer simply remains unobserved. So at that level, the result they concluded free-will as "... biological clock-work that have no more free will than a Swiss watch" is not much surprising.
So i think, we deduce the meaning of observation according to the plane where we are. What do you think?