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08 February, 2009

Six Reasons - Why human is NOT evolved being

Human race is supposed to be highly evolved one; very intelligent, secure and exercising greater freedom. Aham! However I doubt. It seems that though human arrive at the crest of unconscious evolution propelled by the nature ( I do not know but the smart guy, Darwin says ), we are at the trough of the conscious revolution. How to measure the quality of human? There is one proverb in Japanese- hana ga iro-hito ga kokoro (Flower is tested by color and human by heart). Centuries passed, our head has expanded to bigger one but heart? The sense of greed, hatred, revenge are becoming less or same with the advance of time?

The behavioral pattern of human has remained always same. Think what drives our actions; intelligence, judgment or heart? Wait, there is more primitive trait hidden within. Our behavior in great extent is driven by the primitive motives; the sense of pleasure or craving of pleasant sensations (which has nothing to do with intelligence or judgment) and we build up habit according to it. Do not you believe? See some points which we are living with collective acceptance.
  • We smoke tobacco to ENJOY.
Health? I will see later, pleasure is first. Even the doctor's serious warning can not divorce it with us. The advising doctor takes a smoking break. Our government encourage to install tobacco factory as it provide large amount of tax.
  • We drink till we loose our awareness.
The staggering person advices to novice one the benefit of controlled amount of drink. The person who does not drink is supposed to be unknown how to enjoy life.
  • We kill animal for our celebration and party rather than our urgent need.
We have varities of meat in our party. What about our cosmetics? Our hobby is fishing and hunting, funny. In some traditions, hunting is supposed to be civilized activities belonging to elite class people.
  • We do not steal because there is fear of getting caught, not because it will hurt someone.

If you ever had temptation to steal or possess someone else's, what would resist you? Fear of getting caught which ultimately is matter of prestige ? or the sense of damage and sympathy of hurt that will cause? If there is total safe, then.....why our government officer/leaders/judges are corrupting? Many people ponder why every leader becomes the victim of corruption. The person struggle years against corruption become corrupting when s/she aquire the post, why? Because s/he didnot steal due to fear. Their post gives the leverage of not getting caught.

  • We sleep extra hours even if it makes us lazier and less fit. In the end we always found the extra slept hours regretting.
  • We suppose ourselves mindful person, but do we know the mind exist?
We clean our body daily. Protect it from dirt carefully. Do we know how mind get polluted? We feed junk and unhealthy thoughts to our mind ceaselessly from media, newspaper, Internet and what not! We release these junks in our expression, writings and chat. Do we know how to clean and service the mind?
Funny isnot it? what do you think?
smile_eyeroll Put in the list if any..


  1. heh, it is funny. Egos are really developed and we find that to be a sign of evolution, but it's simply the evolution of the animal part of us, not the more divine part of us. (Of course the animal part is part of the divine, but you know what I mean)

    We poison our earth and they feed off of it. We mess with mother nature and wind up with incurable viruses. We think we're really advanced, but some are about to nuke each other off the face of the planet. Sounds pretty barbaric to me...

  2. Lovely words my friend,

    Thanks for the food for thought,

    Blessings of peace, M

  3. Evolved compare with what, an ant?
    What is more evolved than a man?
    If we wouldn't kill, steal and live in sin we wouldn't be human, we would be Gods.
    Yes we are only human.
    Enjoy it!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  5. This is very well done. The good news is that I believe we are evolving beyond that which you noted. We see change every day, less and less people are smoking, less people are drinking as a way to have fun, etc. More people are discovering that which they seek is internal rather than external and more and more are realizing that our purpose, our core is love! We are evolving! The problem is not weather or not we are evolving, the problem is that it is not happening at the pace some of us desire it to happen. Change is a process not an event.

  6. Nice observation Sumiranjee!

  7. @Ariel -
    Ya, the term evolution coined by darwin is for the animal part of us, which is propelled by the nature. " We poison our earth and they feed off of it. We mess with mother nature and wind up with incurable viruses. We think we're really advanced, but some are about to nuke each other off the face of the planet". Thoughtful!

    @Namrata and Maithri- Thank you for your visit.

    @Buddha - ya! there is no way than to live with acceptance.hehe.
    These tendencies may not be BAD. However practising such thing and expecting the peace in return is lack observation. We simply do not know that we do not know.

    @Thaiba - Thank you for your visit

    @Mark - Ya! we are just initial state of conscious revolution. But we claim we are at the peak of the evolution.

    @Basantajee - Thank you to see you here.

  8. Really enjoyed this very true. I feel like many of suffer because our mind rules over the heart. Whenever I let "logic" take the wheel, it puts me 2 steps back.

  9. Very deep thoughts. Glad to have come across ure blog.


  10. TZY and Z,
    Thank you for ur empowering responses

  11. Indeed a thought provoking post!

    You are true when you say that the behavioral pattern of human has remained always same. However, it is our perception that varies over the issue: "evolution". Fundamentally, evolution is defined as a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage). Hence, the sense of greed, hatred and revenge has also been matured and assumed an "improved" shape with the advancement of time. However, the inner message of your post is great! The material body has definitely changed (evolved) but in essence, our emotions are the same! We may have changed our "suit" to show ourselves "smarter" but from within, we are still the same: filled with "evil" thoughts!

  12. Hey deependraji, what a witty respose.hehe..