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04 February, 2009

Destiny or Freewill?

One of my fellow blogger has put one interesting topic on freewill and destiny in his blog. Regarding to the 'free will' and 'destiny', there are different schools of thought (i) Almost everything is predestined, very little is in our control, (ii) some part is predestined but in great extent, there is freewill (iii) everything is freewill. The freewill and the destiny are the relative realities at different reference plane. Human lives in three planes; body, mind and existential. At the body level, the degree of consciousness is very low and so is the freewill. If we seek the motives of bodily actions, we will grasp mind and imagination plane, where the degree of freedom is high, but not total freedom. If we go deeper beyond the mind, conscious/subconscious where the bubbles of thoughts rise and sink, there is existential level or the level of being. At that level, I believe, the total freedom be witnessed. In existential plane, what we call destiny is also found to be our collective choice as there is oneness. In lower levels, these are understood as destiny, as we feel ourselves as separate entity hence cannot be able to link the choice we collectively made.
Most of the psychologists, behaviorists and psychoanalysts project the deepest human level unto subconscious level. Beyond that, the observation is not possible; the observer simply remains unobserved. So at that level, the result they concluded free-will as "... biological clock-work that have no more free will than a Swiss watch" is not much surprising.
So i think, we deduce the meaning of observation according to the plane where we are. What do you think?


  1. Short but perfectly described.

    I think as we live in three diffident planes, all the three schools of thoughts are also correct for the different particular planes.

    Very nice one.

  2. It's difficult for me here to put the "precise" things into perspectives! I don't believe in 'destiny' a great deal; hence I think, to achieve "something" we want, we must focus our activities towards 'proper' directions & we must "earn" it. Having said this, I must say that there are few unexplainable stuffs happening occasionally which tend to bend our beliefs on "destiny & free-will". Last week, I had a conversation on this issue with one of my friends, who argued that each event in this world can be justified by proper theories and anything unexplainable is due to "our" inability to express it in a logical way. so, there is nothing like "destiny" and we are accountable to our own actions for each outcome...The topic itself, I think, is too vague and there are bound to be arguments & counter-arguments! BTW, thanks Netrajee for putting your views on the issue.

  3. Oh boy...I need a glass of wine to ponder this... Another great thought provoking post!

  4. It is all. You are All That Is. So whether you preplanned your destiny, it's your own personal will, or it's God's will, you are all of the above, so no matter "who" plans this out, it's you.

    Secondly, because time is an illusion, whether it was "preplanned" or whether it is unfolded and decided now, all time is now and thus it's all being decided and it's all happening now.

  5. Thank you all, for your nice sharing.

    Ariel, you are welcome in this blog. I am cherished by your visit. Your word are always energizing me.