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13 February, 2009

Rekindling the Divine Love: Letter from The Master

On the Eve of Valentine day, I am very pleased to post a letter, representing the divine romance; the romance between the Guru and seeker. Following is the letter written by Osho to his close friend and a seeker (implicitly the receiver seems to be Haribansh R. Bachchan). Bachchan was a gifted poet full of 'sufi' quality. When he finished writing, his all time famous poem Madhushala (meaning- the place where the divine wine are drunk), he ran all the way from his home to Osho to show his poem. He offered, "Dear one, I wrote a poem, please have a look."

Osho looked the contents of the book, tear filled in his eye. He gazed back to Bachchan and replied.

" O! dear I am happy, it is certainly the master piece. But my tear came for different reason. How perfect it would have been, if the word had came 'the poem was written' instead of ' I wrote the poem' ".

Then Bachchan awestruck back. How lovingly a master guides the seeker to the direction of growth!

The following poem is, however, of different context indicating how master also longs for the true seeker. There is fire on both side. Here goes the poem.

photo courtesy


Can two persons ever meet?
It is just not possible on this earth,
communication seems impossible
-- but at times the impossible happens.

The other day it did. Being with you,
I felt meeting IS possible,
and also communication,
and without words, too.
Your tears answered me.
I am deeply grateful for those tears.
Such response is very rare.

I have seen your Madhushala,
seen it again and again.
If I could sing
I would sing the same song that is there.
I call that sannyas the real sannyas
which accepts the world with joy.

Aren't samsara and moksha really one?
Duality exists in ignorance,
in knowledge there is only one.
Oh, can that really be religion
which cannot sing and dance
the songs of bliss and love?

I hear you are due to come here.
Come, and come soon.
Who can trust time --
Look -- it is morning and the sun rises;
how long will it be before it sets?
.........From a cup of Tea.........


  1. Being a Osho lover, I enjoyed reading this post with great joy.

    Thanks for sharing this excessively precious moment and words of Osho.

  2. Such a wonderful lesson! I love how simple the lesson is. I know that as I look at my writings I often wonder where the words came from, for I recognize them as what I wrote, however I don't always recognize them as my thoughts.

  3. Thank you for this great post! It is always refreshing to read Osho's words.

  4. Beautiful moment and good timing... its like no- thought of the day for me. looking forward to read some more words of Osho ahead..thanks & love..Baawra.

  5. A very interesting & refreshing post! And two lines from the poem:
    "Look -- it is morning and the sun rises;
    how long will it be before it sets?"
    ...indeed thought provoking! Thanks for the post as always :-)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you everybody for your warm responses.
    @Baawra- I will certainly post more on Osho. His words always empower us.