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22 February, 2009

Road Map for Spiritual Journey

The existence has propelled the human being at the peak of unconscious evolution providing the unique capacity to be aware of awareness. From here the journey within possible. In context of evolution of consciousness, human being is on the mid-way where he can understand the purpose of evolution and accelerate it if he desire so. This evolution- call it conscious revolution - that human follows is of mind/understanding, and not restricted by time and space factor, rather by the determination. However, unlike in the outer journey where the path and goal are well formulated, inner journey has vague roadmap. The way is discovered during the journey itself and the ‘goal’ changes very often.

Consciousness is desperately seeking to reach its ultimate point – to experience its true quality – the state of Nirvana. Many people mention different ways. Each seeker has to invent his own way. Though the path is unique, the stumbling points/signposts can be underlined. The esoteric aspects mentioned in the followings paragraphs are disclosed by the beloved Masters Osho Siddhartha (leading master of Oshodhara) and Osho himself.

(1) The Base Point-Human collective consciousness:

It is where most of the population is living. People are running outside to collect more (money, power, knowledge, attention..) for their meaningful living. This is state of chaos moving in a close circle. Generation after generation similar pattern continues.

(2) In Search of scripture-

People, some stage, recognize that it is impossible to fulfill the desire being chased: we can not acquire all the money, health, power that is desired. If ever acquired, it proved to be a fleeting experience. Others are always ahead. It seems that there is limitation in everything. Alarmingly the queue to deathbed is becoming shorter. What to do? Go to church/temple to find bless. Read scripture for getting better understanding on living. Here the many journeys set back. They become ‘religious’ and stick with particular ideology not creating tolerance among other. The collective ego often leads to war.


(3) Looking unto oneself

People aware that the GOD is neither in ‘temple’ nor in ‘bible’; they are actually the ashes of fire once burnt. It seem that they are pointing to read own ‘bible’, to discover godliness within. At this stage people may arrive for different purposes (Deepak Chopra says, he came across meditation in the way to get rid of smoking. S.N. Goenka admits he stumbled with Vipassana on the way to curing his chronic disease). Then, the seeker discovers many thing within: bubbles of thoughts appearing and disappearing ceaselessly with no reason apparently, the link between the events and the habit pattern of reacting them and much more.. Most importantly s/he become aware of power of mind. From here two distinct branches are observed. First is the the path of concentration leading to to achieve awesome art- psychic power, siddhis, mind power, hypnotism, occult art etc. This path if not followed with alert, may strengthen the ego. Hence many masters often discourage in pursuing these art. They are merely side-stuff in the journey. Here is on incident as shared by Osho Siddhartha.

…There was a great sage named Janaki baba. He loved me probably more than any father could love his child. Practically every month he visited me and my family. He had a yakshini Siddhi. He could get anything just by getting his hands in the air. Whenever I asked him for sweets or dry fruits, instantly he used to provide. As a child, I asked him many times to teach me this great art, so that I can influence my friends. But every time he refused to do so by telling me that I have been sent to this earth for a much bigger role and asked me not to indulge in these trifles…

And, th next is the start of journey of meditation, the way to unfocused awareness.

(4) Meeting with Living Master

When a seeker close his eye and tries to meditate many thing hinder him. Happiness/peace is said to be within, but where is it! There is just darkness with unceasing bubbles of thoughts and emotions. He find impossible to win mind. It becomes the analogy of treating oneself by reading medical journal rather than consulting with doctor. The prolonging thirst finally lead to the Living master, the doctor. Without living master, it is almost ‘impossible’ to find the the essence. The rare masters who found, also repeatedly advise to seek the one. Because with his presence, faith emerges, confidence grows and two-way communication is possible. He understands the seeker from core. Master introduces with the godliness within. The Devine love affair starts.

(5) Self realization:

When a seeker is introduced with GODLINESS within from the master and follows dedicately the shown path (selected path fit to oneself), sooner or later the total surrender or the experience of dissolving ego happens. It is termed as enlightenment, satory, pramhamsa etc.

Kabir says- Bund samaya samud me (drop disappeared to ocean).

Osho says- Oceanic experience.

Nanak says- Ek Omkar satnam (Truth is Omkar)

Jesus say - Kingdom of my father

From this stage, the seeker live in the remembrance GODLINESS. The seeker is showered by the unconditional peace. From the state self realization, a person if want rebirth, can select his/her parents and womb.

6) Cosmic Experience or Brahma Gyan:

The journey from self realization is very esoteric. One can realize there is no separation with others. Neither there is supreme GOD who is governing the universe. Everything happens in own choice. Osho mentions these phenomena in his discourse in BEYOND ENLIGHTENMENT. Even after this state, the rebirth is possible (which generally happens out of great compassion). Consciousness can stay here as long as desired and great Avatars generally descend from this dimension. At this plane, seeker may contact the 'esoteric groups' from centuries-back helping others.

7) Nirvana:

This is the ultimate state. From here no rebirth is possible. Osho says it: THIS, THIS and THOUSAND TIMES THIS. Nothing can be said.

Hehe little off-track stuffs, isnot it?

1 comment:

  1. The real self of us... our soul atman within... our consciousness is the real essence of life. Self realization, enlightenment and kundalini awakening are possible even in the present times. Self realization is the culmination of all things spiritual. More on self realization here