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22 October, 2008

My Beloved

There were my days restless and night longing
You made me cried and awaken many nights
I was alone and helpless
Like a sheep who missed the folks.

One day you come to me as idyllic breeze
I, too, let myself to ramble with you
I told my love story
you taught me of loving.

You showered me by bliss
I offered few tears in return
I promised to be with you always and forget
you promised not but found with me always.

I begged always as my earnest need
you offered them as loving gifts
I used to hear love happens in two similars
Ah, what a wonderful exception! it happens in us.

Today I offer you everything
my delightful gift to you.

I offer,
a hymn not uttered by other songs
my secret theme that my heart chants
not intellectual and premeditated one
but the untutored strains of my heart

For you,
no hot house flower watered by the careful emotion
but rare blossoms decor on the highest faith
and the wild lily grown on the deepest tracts of my soul.

Happy birthday to you
...who never born nor died!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice poem. Actually, I like it..Pls. keep up....