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19 March, 2009

Law of Attraction: Is it Boon or Making Us Victim?

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction (LoA) simply says: the physical reality in our life is result of our intense thoughts. The foundation of LoA lies on notion that every entity, including the gross matter, in the universe is a bundle of vibrating energy, and the like vibrational frequencies are attracted each other in a way a radio tunes the resonating frequency. It means people's thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they're aware of it. Essentially,

If you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it. On the contrary, putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that too.

Thus, it says, what you are now is the result of your thoughts generated in the past.

Is LoA Real?

Well, the LoA has attacked the wide circles of people with its controversial claims. The self-help circle and the behavior scientist are in its favor, while the main stream physicists and the medical personnel criticize its claim in the light of existing experimental facts. However, the controversy seems to be the explanation of its claims rather than the claim itself. Whatever the case, most people convince on the fact that:

Changing our thinking 'may not' changes out in the vast universe surrounding us. However, it does change something inside of us; our perception, your focus, our emotions and our thinking from negative to positive. It motivates us to narrow the gap between what we lack to what we want and has an enormous impact on our motivation, energy and creativity, and thus, we will then be more efficient getting our goal.

In spite of lack of objective proof, our experience and broader perspective needs little proof for its existence. More over,  the unproven facts can not be always false in first place. The power of observation also develops gradually. The law gravity has always been there even though it was not proved until the 17th century. As I gather from quantum mechanics, LoA is partially proven. QM says every matters is bundle of wave with its unique frequency and like frequency get tuned. The controversy is whether thought is form of measurable energy and can 'attract' the similar one. There is benefit of doubt for both side. Whatever you like, upto you :-).

How LoA not Gives the Favorite Outcome?

By the same principle it attracts what we want, it also attracts what we worry about. When we worry continuously about the failure of our attempts and the future outcome, the universes reads the worried signal being transmitted. Since the universe has no biasness, it gives the added worriedness back to us and thus there is vicious circle created. Still worse, if we know the LoA, we will try to avoid the negative thoughts popping in the mind. Our very knowing, 'I should not be worry', will create more worriedness as negation is the invitation. As a result , there is more likelihood of getting the unwanted outcome.

More importantly, the knowledge of LoA may create the craving of positive thoughts and aversion of negative thoughts, which are the hindrance to the ascension. Unless we have the total acceptance of the negative/darker aspects, they will not come the surface and impossible to release them. Thus if we do not know the antidote of the thoughts, likelihood of becoming victim of the very knowledge is always there. What happen if we give the sharp sword to a monkey?

The Incomplete Explanation of LoA by Mainstream Teachers

The LoA is not a new concepts. The law of Karma and Jesus quote "Ask thy will be given" are related with this notion. However, the well documented form of LoA is in Buddha's technique. The LoA is related to the 'Samyak Sankalp', an ingredient of eightfold path. It mentions that our life realities are directed by our intense bhav (intentive emotion). Although the mainstream gurus often motioned that LoA originated from there, their explanation has made this a mediocre principle, focusing on the intentive thought (rather than bhav) for the realities to happen. It seems that LoA is being explained and taught by the people who do not have taste of thoughtlessness or total Presence. In thoughtless state how the LoA works or is there feeling without thought, I do not know their answer. This explanation may hinder the spiritual ascension too. Explicitly, it motivates to intensely identify with the thoughts and the vision which you like to realize. This way, though works to generate what you want, keeps us away from the true nature and farther away from the state of peace. Therefore, Buddha has given the antidote to de-energizing the thoughts in another ingredient of eightfold path, Tathata (accept what you feeling). Even if there is no thoughts, the subsiding bhavs (love, compassion or Maitri) always attract the like frequency.

Can We Put LoA in Our Favor?

If you go to fight you should first know the defense techniques. So first practice the art of Tathata before consciously applying the LoA. We may have following steps.
  1. If we have nothing special to do, be in Now. Invest more of our energy in feeling the bodily sensations and beyond. The chain of thoughts (positive or negative) if come forwards, surrender them to inner space.
  2. It is never possible not to do anything. We have to make choices, have to fulfill our daily responsibility, and of course they are are enjoyable too. Generate and focus on the giving-based emotion rather than greed-based emotion. Put our energy in the positive efforts. Share the ideas with the friends circle get the feedback and draw more energy.
  3. Whatever the result obtained, accept it as the best gift provided to us according to the present stage of evolution.
In that way we may not gather 'tons' on money, but what we generate is satisfactory to us. Whatever the case, the LOA is always working in background.
What are your observation?

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  1. Finding out about the LOA and learning to use it did not make me a victim. Being a victim, at least to me, means that the way I am treated is out of my control. The LOA gave me back that control by telling me that I created it all for myself. No one else did it to me. I created it all. That gives me the power to change it all. That idea gave me my personal power back. If I created it, I can change it. I don't have to be a victim unless I decide to be one.

    LOA puts me in control of my world. I like that. I didn't at first. I didn't want to be responsible for my own pain. Then I realized that with my choices, I could stop the hurt. Freedom came with that thought. No, LOA does not make me a victim. Being controlled by others with no way out makes me a victim. Today, through my choices, I am no one's victim.

  2. Patricia,
    Please to know that you are applying LoA for the growth and freedom. The concern of this article is, however, to put light on the another aspect, which generally ignored in the main stream; the possibility of enhancing EGO due to persistant identification with the thought.
    Thank you and cheers!