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09 April, 2009

Intention Speaks Louder than Action

Intention speaks louder than action. Does it contradict action speaks louder than words? I like to start this post with a story.

Once a dacoit entered into the bedroom of a landlord, searched valuable thing around, found nothing, and sought the safe exit. While escaping from the room, the owner woke up. To be safe, he stabbed the owner and ran away. Fortunately, the stab became boon to the owner helping to release the secretion from the old wound of his stomach.

At other time, a doctor was performing a operation of stomach cancer to a patient. He tried his best, unfortunately the operation failed and the patient died. The result becomes unfortunate one.


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We are living in strange world generalizing our activities with an industrial process, where the final effect or result is more important than the process. The long story behind the realized effect is apparently forgotten; if the result appears to be acceptable, the story can be ignored. You may argue against the mechanization of your life style. If you believe the success on producing more favorable results, being top on the competition, and generating more facilities, you may have already been victimized by the mechanization in first place.

We all concern in the seen results. But what happening to the doer, what is affecting him- the result or the intention? On the perspective of result, the dacoit seems to be rewarded and the doctor to be punished. But somewhere in a corner, we still have respect of intention. If we go deeper into doer, intention is what he is responsible for. In making intention there is freedom. However, for the result, there is necessity of meeting several combinations, and hence his responsibility is less. For the law of life, intending to do something and realizing the result are qualitatively same. Thinking of killing/damaging someone/something but can not do (may be because of getting caught, lack of determination or whatever reason there may be) and be actually able to do, are same qualitatively; the degree, however, may be difference. In both cases, the intention is same and they will attract similar type of the negative energy field to experience, and vice versa. The intention of sucking lemon or actually do sucking brings similar reaction in our living mechanism; the mind assumes both phenomena as same.

Alternatively speaking, the result is the attribute of time. It is sometime in future and it is not sure that will happen as we desired. Hence, the result oriented perception do not bring the peace in doer as it chases away from the present. On the contrary, the attributes like happiness, peace and the satisfaction are in NOW and same is the intention, so they vibrate same plane affecting each other. Fortunately, this perception, attaching with the intention and effort rather than result, brings a relief leading to peace.

What do you think?


  1. Have you read the Alchemist? It all about the "process" or journey in life. I used to get caught up in the outcome. The outcome was never as good as I would expect. Plus we learn everything during the process. The journey is life! Great post!

  2. Indeed a great post. Though, only and only the final result is what, that is counted and people 'accept' and 'admire' the result only.Intentions, sometimes are ignored and are refuse to be acknowledged, but yes it has a great value and speaks louder than action. I fully agree with you.

    Happy New Year!!!