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09 May, 2009

Common Myths on Spirituality

Last week, I could not post. Actually I was slightly in low ‘energy state’ and could not lift my energy to write something on the topic this blog devoted to. Without tuning with the proper ‘mood’, trying to express/write is difficult, and if could able to do so, the authenticity seems to be lost and the action also becomes less enjoyable to the doer. It was how I felt! Just like this. One of the notion I collect during the blogging is that- what is written or appeared in the post is important, however, the emotional state and the intention behind the writing are the king; the emotional state affects the outcome of the writing in doer,  and the intention wrapped over words catches the attention and attracts similar vibration from the reader.


Ae! let me come to the track. Today is birthday of Buddha. Ah! i love to pray my favorite.


Buddham saranam gachchami (surrender to buddha)

sangham saranam gachchami (Surrender to the sangha)

Dhammam saranam gachchami (surrender to the Dhamma)



I like to share few thing thing this time as continuation of the previous post delusions of spirituality. Let me add few others in this post.


Spirituality is for searching god

People from every generation and race believe that spirituality is related to the search of the God. The god which is ultra-powerful, capable of solving any problem and creating any liked situations. Therefore there are different images of the god in different cultures. However, the quest of spirituality is pure exploration within and has less to do with the god. The purpose of spirituality is to find out the witnessing state; the observer behind the observation. This is what Buddha said- Appo deepo bhava (be light unto yourself). With this notion, the duality of atheism/theism is vanished. There can be debate on whether god exists or not, but nobody debates on the existence of him/herself (It is funny how can it be hehe). If needed ‘god’ can be used as the tools for worship  and the prayer, and so are the idols, temples, mosques and churches. The authenticity of teaching and the quality of true-master lie in the effectiveness in making the seeker realized the witnessing state.  However charming and convincing they could be - the discourses and teachings in the name of the god/spirituality- lack the true essence, if they miss the sutras of witnessing. Therefore Kabir says- All the pilgrims, vedas, devotions, worship, prayer etc are of no use without the knowledge of Naam (the witnessing essence).

Spirituality is for developing High moral and Character in a person

Many people believe that spirituality is for being good person, creating high moral and good characters in a person. Because of this belief, many people struggle hard and try to show these ‘values’ in their personality, suppressing dark emotions and negative energy within as a consequences. The spirituality has nothing to do with these attributes. A true seeker quietly accepts whatever feeling and the energy encountered during the journey of witnessing. By doing so, the dark aspects in the personality come into surface and the evaporates.


I recall a story of Mao. Once when he was a child, his mother told him to take care of the flowers in the garden as she had to visit her relatives for few days. He responded his mother not to worry, he would perfectly look after the flowers. His mother left and returned back to home after a week. To her surprise, all the flowers in the garden were pale and dying. Upon enquiring him, he worriedly replied  it happened in spite of his good care and watering them everyday. What he did was to clean the flower and wash the leaves only. He missed the very important action- watering  the root. 


Searching the observer is like watering the roots. Good morals, love and character appear as consequences, not by directly working with them.


On this auspicious day, I pray for the wellbeing for all. May this day give the energy and the motivation for the Journey Within.


Buddham Saranam Gachchami!



  1. Very well written and explained facts.

    As you have mentioned in this post:
    "People from every generation and race believe that spirituality is related to the search of the God." It is a great tragedy. But as it is already residing in our subconscious mind, awaking from this hypnotic trance and realizing the very thing just as a mere myth is not an easy task.

    I think only and only meditation is the cure to break this trance.

    Very well explained spiritual post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous14 May, 2009

    a perfect article... being spiritual always does not mean believing in the so-called god..