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07 July, 2009

Guru Day: Auspicious Day to Tune with Master

What is Guru?

There are three intimate relationships in human civilization; Mother, father and the guru. Link with mother is very gross, existential and graspable. It is like earth. Origin of father is due to civilization. In primitive ages, the society could run without the declaration of ‘father’. For convenience and the channelization of evolving society, the adoption of father is sought to be necessary. Though it is subtler than mother, it can be grasped. It is like water. More the society evolves, more prominent becomes the role of the father.

Third comes the guru. The ‘guru’ is difficult to grasp like wind. It can be felt but not seen. Many times it becomes subjective and inconvincible by the logic. With evolution of consciousness, the role guru becomes more apparent. Mother is necessary for life, ‘Father’ makes the life easy and growing, and the guru gives the meaning of life, the possibility of self-actualization, encouraging the disciple by his own presence as the example.

Why does a person need guru?

With practical and the utilitarian point of view, there is no answer. Ask a gardener why he is sowing flowers instead of vegetables and crops. Ask a poet why he sings, or the musician why he pours his being to the music. Ask the chirping birds why they sings so wildly with no apparent reason.

Why do you need guru and waste time and energy- instead devote yourself in something rewarding like job, business and career and make life comfortable? The role of guru is abstract as such. But if you listen your heart, it vibrates with mere remembrance of him, let alone the presence. Remember those moments when you sit in front of him letting his eye to penetrate and dissolve your being. For a disciple, a single moment of silence with guru, his warm palm on the forehead, and the overflowing emotion pouring out from the eyes in response, are answers why there is guru.

True guru or true disciple-hood

Even if one is convinced with necessity of guru, there is question of true guru. There are thousands and one gurus. Who is the real one and convincing to you? We all are seeking true guru and there is hundred questions about the credibility of guru. Are we cultivating true disciple-hood in us, do we have credibility of our search? A true disciple-hood will attract similar guru. A disciple can never find a guru, instead his burning thirst and disciple-hood will draw guru if needed.

Guru Purnima

As per the Hindu’s calendar, today is guru purnima. It is mentioned that there are many astrological coincidences and metaphorical reasons for choosing this one among the fifty-two others. In the monsoon sky full of heavy cloud, the moon is rarely seen. The cloud represents the state of disciple mind which masks the bright light. Only after the dissolution of cloud into rain makes the sky clear with ever illuminating light.

Happy guru purnima dear friends!

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  1. Anonymous07 July, 2009

    A great post!
    "Mother is necessary for life, ‘Father’ makes the life easy and growing, and the guru gives the meaning of life, the possibility of self-actualization, encouraging the disciple by his own presence as the example.", well said.

    On the occasion of guru purnima, I would like to express my gratitude, indebtedness and deepest respect to all the gurus who work selflessly to make our lives better. They help us, motivate us and inspire us. They are our role-models. I salute them!

  2. Very inspirational and soothing post! Loved it!

  3. I think I am little late to write any comment about this post.

    But as they say; "better late, than never".... I also would like to pay my regards to all my Gurus through your post.

    I found the reason behind choosing this specific - Purnima as Guru Purnima, really interesting and symbolic.