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31 December, 2008

Celebration of Being Alive: Happy New Year

(This poem is dedicated to those who have fire in their heart.

The fire..the passion to know "why am I living in the world''..

I wish may the coming year bring the fruits of their pursuit.)

After the long restless nights of enigmatic dreams

After the drowsy hours of the slumbering mind

Yet to decide “am I still dreaming or awakened?”

There was herald I sensed…

Before I was aware that was not dream

I saw the existence revived all around

In wildness of chirping birds

In the blooming petal of the dewed flower

In the wonderful smell of the wet earth

In the scintillating coolness of still air

When wondering eyes focused on the distant

There was ruby sky on the remote east

And wandering clouds in the far horizon

My heart brightened gradually with remote sky

Getting colored slowly with rambling clouds

Dancing wildly with the blooming rose in subtle breeze

Such a synchronicity everywhere!!

My heart had yet to collect those esoteric feelings

My body yet to receive the awesome sensations

Ah! There was the apex of romance

Between the rising sun and the silent Himalaya


When I noticed the rays kissing the white Himalaya

My heart became Himalaya

Dissolving gradually and gradually

Radiating slowly and slowly with golden blush

With the caressing of the loving rays

And dancing in the rhythm of soundless music


I said to myself

Wait! Wait!!

I have yet to notice

The hardness vanishing in my heart

The questions dissolving in my mind

The curiosity diluting in the sentiments

With the charisma of blushing Himalaya?

Or the overwhelming emotion of the dancing heart??

In the mean time

I found...

There were my eyes

Bursting with rapture of the overflowing tears

Flooded with joy of unknown emotions

Then I understood the first time..

Why am still living in the world?


  1. Wonderful lines!

    Wish you and all the readers of this blog a very happy New Year 2009!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
    ...May it bring success and prosperity into your life!
    ...May your life be filled with good health, New hope and new beginnings!
    ...May this new beginning open up more opportunities for you and lead onto the path of continued success!
    ...May coming year showers on you, all that you ever wished for!