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28 January, 2009

Art of living: Reading our inner 'Geeta' or samyak dristi

In one of my earlier post, we came across the phrase 'Reading our own Geeta/Bible/Koran'. It is worthy to read. If a person only reads the outer scriptures and lacks to read his/her own, there is the origin of hypocrisy; we cannot live, or put our energy to live, what we think and desire. There are many examples who only read the inner 'Geeta' and attained the unconditional happiness. But, there is none in human history who only read the outer scriptures and got peace or attained happiness. On contary, When one reads inner scripture, s/he can attain, then there is birth of scriptures. Jesus attained and the Bible born, Buddha attained and the dhammapad born, Muhammad attained and Koran born, and so on. The outer scriptures, in true sense, are the pointer and catalyst aiming to direct us to read our own, the original one.

How to read the own Geeta?
To read own Geeta means to watch own life and living patterns, and identify the causes of (un) happiness. If happiness is within, where exactly is it? Let us take a closer look. The term we know 'life' is a chain of events happening one after another according to their own laws. But what we interpret is little different, it is the fiction we create according to the way of looking. The event happens outside and through our sensor system we receive the signals. When the mind receive the signals in term of vibration of unique frequency, we feel it through the sensations. There is program within us which judges the feelings in term of 'good' and 'bad'. Then there is craving and aversion of respective sensations. This the origin of pain.
Coming to the point
We are happy or sad, not because of external event, but because of the manipulation of that event; the story being added from our side with that event. If we look at our own past and capture the moments of pain which are even re-striking now, what we find the root?
1) The loss of valuable things?
No. There are lot of news about loss everyday but why this particular one is causing me pain. It is my fiction that the lost thing is MINE.

2) Feeling insulted and victim?
We are creating the outer layer to show other. The layer consists of story known as PERSONALITY. If the feeling are not accordance to that layer, the story amplifies the feeling so that it could be able to hurt us.

3) The result didn't happen as we wish?
In the stage of doing work, there is involvement of me only. But for results, there are many combinations to be fulfilled, there is involvement of entire universe. I am claiming that the universe should only favor me. I am the center of universe! how dare I!

4) Put other events and watch..

Is there any way to getting rid of these chains and bundle of frictions? The trap is due the program written unconsciously by ourselves. Let us write own program. Be programmer.

Be Programmer means
A vision free of fiction may be called as Right Paradigm or Samyak Dristi a constituents of eightfold path of Lord Buddha.

For meditation practitioner who are accustomed to watch own feelings, it may be applicable to be at the state of letting-go, recognizing the fact that all the sensations are ephemeral; the essense of vipassana.
However, for the common people, can we rewrite our story or twist our program based upon:
=> Life is more important than events,
=> people are more important than things,
=> principle are more important than relations?
The question is open so is the answer.


  1. Great post! Every event in our life is neutral...until we give it meaning. My ego gets in the way of many situations and then gives it meaning (not so good). I am constantly working toward "being" in a situation without letting the ego and emotions take over.

  2. I love the part where you reminded us that "people are more important than things". In a time when everyone is watching their finances and can't buy all they want to, I hope many will turn closer to home and realize what treasures they have in their family and friends.

  3. Great post Netrajee! I am enjoying your insightful posts. It is great to see some glimpses of your journey.

    Please keep on writing.

  4. Caroline, Barbara and Basantajee,
    Thank you for your nice words!

  5. Netra Jee, Very nice posting.
    Great blog!!

    Happy blogging!!!

  6. Indeed a nice post!
    Great thinkers claim that human life is just like a persistent dream, from which we never really awake! However, most of the times we are getting affected by the negative energy waves (while dreaming) that surround us: both from outside & within! Are we drowned by our feelings: by our loves & hates, by our ideas of good & bad, beautiful & ugly? Are we incapable of knowing beyond those ideas and feelings? I think your post has the answer to many of these queries. However, I would love to hear a detailed description of the points that you have mentioned (in order to program ourselves), particularly,
    => Life is more important than events,
    because, life what we mean is accumulation of smaller, meaningful 'events'! what I think is, probably, you indicate 'life' here in a broader sense: something as big as 'attainment' or fulfillment, which itself is an 'event'! may I ask you to make this point a bit clearer?