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06 January, 2009

Esoteric Journey of a Soul

Once there was a little soul
Wandering in the heaven
In the fathomless joy
And in the infinite love

He prayed to the Beloved
O dear! I like to be away
Away from you temporarily
Pretend I am not love and joy
Dream am separated from you
So that when I awake
Would rejoice with newer ecstasy
Would re-taste the fresher love

He looked around
There were infinite souls
Rambling in bliss
Were so dear like LOVE itself
Not less inferior than him

The little soul revealed his wish
To those majestic souls
With embarrassing voice
And ask what he could do for them
As he had the yearn for some good
For the inception of new journey

One majestic soul propose
O dear! We too come to earth
With same wish as thou have
That time we may pretend
Pretend to hurt you
Act to injure you for some reason

That time,
O tiny one!
O our dearest mate!
Forgive us!!
That will be the elegant gift
And the glorious start
The start of new journey

Mean time,
Suddenly I woke up
With piercing sensation in my heart
Could dream be so real?

Then a question resided in me
Am I the little soul ?
The multitudes around me
Are the majestic souls??
Playing as a part of cosmic game???

1 comment:

  1. A very spiritual one Netrajee! Very spiritual! I hope your journey is going well