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16 January, 2009

Living with New-Year-Resolution

I recall one of my friend's blog titled Never Stop Dreaming. It is very loving phrase indeed. The dream I am not talking about an unconscious wandering of mind. The dream, for me, means a passion and visualization of higher meaning. To live life in fullest. To pour the whole energy consistently in a direction of growing. A motivation not to satisfy in mediocre activities. To listen the music coming from the unknown world and run after it, like a child follow his mother. It has so much to say...

I also have beautiful dream. You also have. In fact every dream is beautiful, otherwise it does not deserve to be a dream. Now look back to ourselves and our dream. Are we living the dream ? There are mixed answers. For me living the dream is not putting of the joy and happiness until the dream fulfils. Dream doesnot means 'some day' after the achieving 'some thing', I will able to enjoy fullest. The truth is that are we decided to be happy now, on the course of achieving it? While the goal provides a magnificent direction and way to focus, I have better try to live each day squeezing all the joy I can tap of in the given moment. .I heard some where a phrase,

“Remember that the direction we are heading is more important than the individual results”. However, it is not too easy as said nor too difficult and serious as people contemplate. It is a game worthy to play

I believe that if we move in particular direction with passion, whatever result we achieve in a way is better than we are pursuing of. Now a question arises, are we in the direction of our dream. To answer the question, read ourselves. It meant to read own handwriting, own Geeta/Kuran/Bible. Reading own Geeta is more important than the others'. Here is a vey loving and passionate poem, Madhushala, composed by Haribansa Ray Bachchan.

धर्मग्रन्थ सब जला चुकी है, जिसके अंतर की ज्वाला,
मंदिर, मसजिद, गिरिजे, सब को तोड़ चुका जो मतवाला,
पंडित, मोमिन, पादिरयों के फंदों को जो काट चुका,
कर सकती है आज उसी का स्वागत मेरी मधुशाला।।१७।

What is our handwriting, our Geeta? How to read?.. Lets discuss..put our views..
To be continued..


  1. Netrajee, I must admit that I have started knowing you a bit through your in-depth insightful posts! I like your matured and focused way of thinking; most importantly, the embedded human and spiritual values. In many cases, I tend to agree with you. I too think 'dream' NOT as an unconscious wandering of mind but 'as a positive source of energy' that has a potential to enable us to overcome the moments of despair and 'to live life in fullest' as you have pointed out.

    I don't believe in achieving something 'big' as one may target to become happy. rather I feel that the day-to-day smaller but positive activities contain immense happiness if one can see or sense it. Of course, we need to have 'goals' but the course of events in achieving that 'ultimate achievement' are more satisfying.

    To me, religion means 'purpose of living a happy, peaceful and prosperous life'. Doing religious activities means facilitating goodwill, harmony and mutual-acceptance in the society. The first and foremost thing is that we should be able to accept the diversity (both cultural as well as religious) existing in our society. It may sound philosophical but I strongly believe in it!

    BTW, thanks for reminding me the lines from 'Madhushala'. I have always loved reading it.

  2. Wonderful view Deependraji. I admire your way.

    र यो पनि,
    हिन्दू और मुसलमान है दो, एक मगर उन्का प्याला
    वैर बढाते है मन्दिर मस्जिद मेला गराती है मधुशाला