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13 January, 2009

Negation is Invitation

I like to introduce one section called letter from the masters, in which the personal letter from the master to his/her disciple will be included. The letters express themselves how the master cares his/her own disciples, which I like to say a divine romance. Here, I have put a letter from Osho to his disciple. In earlier time, Osho used to send his own hand written letters to the disciples. His letters generally start with salutation LOVE then goes like .......

I read your letter
on the way here.
It has touched my heart.
If your desire to know life's truth
becomes strong
then what is longing today
becomes one day the attainment.
Burning desire is all that is needed
and nothing else.

As rivers seek out the ocean
so man if he wants to can find the truth.
No peak, no mountain can stop him,
in fact their challenge awakens
his sense of adventure.
Truth is within everyone
Rivers have to find the ocean
but our ocean is inside us
-- it is a wonder that
so many remain thirsty yet without it.
Actually they cannot really want it.
There is a saying of Christ's:
Ask and ye shall be given.
But if you don't ask, whose fault is it?
There is no better bargain than the attainment of God.
We have only to ask, nothing more.

——Letters by Master Osho


  1. Nice post Netrajee! Loved reading it. Indeed insightful: "Truth is within everyone"!

  2. Osho's words are always sweeter than honey and in the same time also caries flame within.

    There is no better bargain than the attainment of God.

    What a simple yet great statement....

  3. Very inspirational! Thank you Netrajee for posting this!

  4. Thank you for warm sharing...Sharing positive energy is indeed soothing..